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My Goals
My goals are threefold: to look good for potential partners, to avoid ever having to live in a nursing home, and to be able to lift my own weight over my head.  Fortunately, these goals are compatiable, but only the last is truly quantifiable.

I am naturally heavy set. Unless I use an extreme diet, my choices are to be muscular, overweight, or both, which I politely refer to as stocky or hefty. In this journal, I will record my war over weight, both my weight and the weights I will try to lift. It is biologically difficult to lose fat and build muscle at the same time; the bio-chemical processes in the body resist it. Thus, I will try many programs, changing every month.

I hope you will follow along, and leave your own advice and questions in the commentary.

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come on! you will do it!

Hi,Paul! This is Chloe. I have heard of a really strange method of losing weight: have two bitter gourds every day without cooking it. A friend of mine has tried it, but she only insisted one day... You could do some research if you are interested. Good luck with your exercises!

Bitter gourds? That sounds so discouraging in English. ;)

Heya! Nice to meet you! THanks for the strange comment, it's scary to admit initially that we're odd, I think, but it makes sense that not everybody can fit into what society states "normal" is. Societical norms are boring IMO because they're just trying to be sheep. It's much more preferable, for me at least, to not fit in and to embrace my abnormal looks, lifestyle and personality.

Good goals BTW. My hubby is very big, shall we say. Not muscular, but tall and obese. You're around 110 kg, right? He's a fair bit more than that but 6'4".

Lean protein and plenty of veg with some non fatty slow release carbs for when you train/ work out, maybe?

I'm the opposite: petite, small boned and mainly flabby... but EDs make people think they are fatter than they are so IDK TBH.

Mind if I add you? Gem.

Feel free to add me as a friend, and I agree that society distorts our vision of ourselves, sometimes in both directions. Yes, I'm 112 kg as of this morning (I always gain a little if I visit my parents for too long) but look forward to working my way down again.

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