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Green is the New Sexy

Do the Aristotelian unities really matter when dealing with space opera?

I saw “Guardians of the Galaxy” last night, and while some of the characters took themselves a little too seriously, I had a lot of fun. The previews had not given me much hope, but word came back that it was better than it looked, so I gave it a chance; it was funny when it meant to be and exciting the rest of the time. Movie magic is still catching up with comic book imagination; no one in Hollywood has demonstrated the ability to beat comics at this most pure element of creativity: unbridled dreams. All Hollywood can do is cherry pick the best elements, distill them down to their most dramatic, and make money of distributing them to the rest of the world.

It was definitely an ensemble movie; Quill had the most face time and gave the inspirational speech, apparently because he’s the white guy because I’m not sure why else, but Gamora contributed more information and kicked plenty of ass of her own. She was the one who originally wanted to resist the bad buys, so it would have taken little tweaking to make her the main character. She reminded me a lot of my college girlfriend: good at martial arts, pretty, surrounded by male friends, and severe daddy issues.

Don’t get me wrong, the guys, the tree, and the raccoon did a good job, but the movie I want to see next is the Black Widow and Gamora vs. the Expendables. My bet is on the ladies.
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